The Custom::Route53Certificate resource requests an AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) certificate that you can use to enable secure connections. For example, you can deploy an ACM certificate to an Elastic Load Balancer to enable HTTPS support. For more information, see RequestCertificate in the AWS Certificate Manager API Reference.

Unlike AWS::CertificateManager::Certificate, this resource automatically validates the certificate for you. This only works if you request a certificate for a domain that’s hosted on Route53.



  "Type" : "Custom::Route53Certificate",
  "Properties" : {
    "ServiceToken" : {"Fn::ImportValue": "cfm-reslib"},
    "DomainName" : string,
    "SubjectAlternativeNames" : [ string, ... ]


Type: Custom::Route53Certificate
Properties :
  ServiceToken : !ImportValue cfm-reslib
  DomainName : string
  SubjectAlternativeNames :
    - string



Fully qualified domain name (FQDN), such as, that you want to secure with an ACM certificate. Use an asterisk (*) to create a wildcard certificate that protects several sites in the same domain. For example, * protects,, and

The first domain name you enter cannot exceed 64 octets, including periods. Each subsequent Subject Alternative Name (SAN), however, can be up to 253 octets in length.

Required: Yes

Type: string

Update requires: Replacement


Additional FQDNs to be included in the Subject Alternative Name extension of the ACM certificate. For example, add the name to a certificate for which the DomainName field is if users can reach your site by using either name. The maximum number of domain names that you can add to an ACM certificate is 100. However, the initial quota is 10 domain names. If you need more than 10 names, you must request a quota increase. For more information, see Quotas.

The maximum length of a SAN DNS name is 253 octets. The name is made up of multiple labels separated by periods. No label can be longer than 63 octets. Consider the following examples:

  • (63 octets).(63 octets).(63 octets).(61 octets) is legal because the total length is 253 octets (63+1+63+1+63+1+61) and no label exceeds 63 octets.

  • (64 octets).(63 octets).(63 octets).(61 octets) is not legal because the total length exceeds 253 octets (64+1+63+1+63+1+61) and the first label exceeds 63 octets.

  • (63 octets).(63 octets).(63 octets).(62 octets) is not legal because the total length of the DNS name (63+1+63+1+63+1+62) exceeds 253 octets.

Required: Yes

Type: List of string

Update requires: Replacement